plug1 [ plʌg ] verb *
1. ) plug or plug up transitive to fill a hole so that nothing can get through it:
plug something with something: Plug the hole with newspaper before applying the cement.
2. ) intransitive or transitive usually passive AMERICAN to block pipes of a SINK, toilet, etc. so that water or waste cannot flow normally down the pipes:
The shower is plugged up don't use it.
Paper towels will plug the toilet.
3. ) transitive to try to make people interested in a book, movie, idea etc. by talking about it in an enthusiastic way, especially on a radio or television program:
They're really here to plug their new album.
4. ) transitive AMERICAN INFORMAL OLD-FASHIONED to shoot someone
plug the gap
to provide what is missing from something:
The city council has ruled out any immediate tax increases to plug the gap.
,plug a`way phrasal verb intransitive
to continue doing something in a determined way despite difficulties:
I'll just keep plugging away and try to get it finished by tonight.
`plug for phrasal verb transitive AMERICAN
plug for someone to support or encourage someone:
Their parents will all be there plugging for the team.
,plug `in phrasal verb
transitive to connect a piece of equipment to an electricity supply or to another piece of equipment:
Then I realized I hadn't plugged the TV in.
a. intransitive to be connected to an electricity supply or to another piece of equipment:
Can you see where it plugs in?
,plug `into phrasal verb transitive
1. ) plug something into something to connect a piece of equipment to an electricity supply or to another piece of equipment:
First plug the keyboard into your computer.
a ) plug into something if a piece of equipment plugs into something, it is connected to an electricity supply or to another piece of equipment:
The mouse plugs into a serial port.
b ) plug into something if you plug into a larger computer system, your computer becomes connected to it and you can get information from it
2. ) plug into something to become connected or involved with someone or something and get some benefit from them:
With this latest book, she is clearly hoping to plug into the international market.
plug 2 [ plʌg ] noun count *
▸ 1 for electricity
▸ 2 attempt to interest someone
▸ 3 for filling hole
▸ 4 spark plug in engine
▸ 5 piece of tobacco
1. ) an object used for connecting a piece of equipment to an electricity supply. It is fitted to the end of an electrical wire called a cord and you push it into a special hole in the wall called an outlet.
a ) INFORMAL an OUTLET in a wall where you connect a piece of equipment to the electricity supply
2. ) an attempt to make people interested in a book, movie etc. by talking about it in an enthusiastic way, especially on a radio or television program:
get/put in a plug for something: Guests are given the chance to put in a plug for their latest book.
3. ) a small round plastic or rubber object used for preventing water from flowing out of the hole in a SINK or BATH TUB
a ) a small piece of plastic, wood, rubber, etc. used for filling a hole so that nothing can get through it
b ) a small piece of something such as a ball of cotton that you put in your ear or use for stopping blood from flowing from your nose or a cut, etc.
c ) a small plastic tube that you put in a hole in a wall before you put a screw into it
4. ) a SPARK PLUG in a vehicle's engine
5. ) a small piece of tobacco that you keep in your mouth and CHEW
pull the plug (on)
to stop an activity, especially by no longer providing the money needed to allow it to continue:
Congress threatened to pull the plug on several federal welfare benefits next year.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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